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Sanctuary Art Panel 3

Artist: Richard R. Caemmerer

This panel depicts the church from Easter to Pentecost. In this panel, the heaviness of our sin is shattered by the light of Easter. Out of the yellow at the left edge rises grains of wheat (Kansas?) which is the Biblical sign of Christ's Resurrection. The empty tomb and the light that is reflected upon the ground shines brightly when standing directly in front of this panel. As the light shatters the darkness, a shaft of light rises to the wall's top symbolizing the Ascension. Within the shaft of light, one can begin to see the tail of the Holy Spirit (upper right side of shaft) and the tongues of fire that were promised by Christ before ascending to heaven. The tongues of fire accumulate at the right edge of the panel as a sign of All Saints. The white tail of the dove crosses over into the next panel.