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Adult VBS 2013

Adult Vacation Bible School Recap –
June 2013
Almost 80 Adults attended Atonements first Adult VBS:

Acts Bible Study
As leader of the Acts study, what I found most impressive about those who attended was their commitment to learn, the knowledge they already had and questions they brought to the conversation. The class quickly understood that Acts needs to be studied in conjunction with the gospel of Luke. Their familiarity with Luke’s gospel made it easier for them to grasp and understand the important connection.
Caring for Ourselves So We Can Serve Others
Participants discussed physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health using “The Wholeness Wheel”, from the ELCA. Easy exercises, the power of healing touch, how to reduce stress and improve health through massage, aroma therapy and good nutrition were introduced by a variety of speakers. Participants made new friends, nutritious snacks and discussed ways to “tag” others with this “good news.”
The "Get Off Your Donkey" discussion opened a depth of interest and personal sharing.  We agreed that the core of Jesus' message was that we each have to love our neighbors as ourselves.  The Kingdom of God is brought near when we see their needs and help them.  We each have individual strengths and gifts that can be brought to bear on the hurts around us. Not being able to do everything should not prevent us from doing something.
Property Group - In spite of the hot weather, we had from 3 to 10 people show up each evening to work outside on the property. Quite a lot was accomplished including a haircut for all the perimeter evergreen trees surrounding the west and north ends of the parking lot.  Several dead trees were removed from the parking lot islands and those that could be saved had the dead branches trimmed. We also were able to remove dead bushes and trim and eliminate weeds from the landscaping around the Church building. 

Inside the building the light fixtures in the office hallway were removed and cleaned.  Also screws were tightened or replaced in the meeting room chairs. 
Overall it was a neat experience and the fellowship that developed from making work plans and carrying them out was a satisfying experience.
Thoughts from the Reconciling In Christ (RIC) Class held during the TAG Event –
Thirty-four people, including members of the Reconciling In Christ Task Force, joined in conversation during the TAG event in early  June.
We viewed "The Bible Tells Me So" video chronicling five families as they came to understand their gay and lesbian children, personal stories were shared, Bishop Maahs gave a brief history of the ELCA regarding LGBT issues and led a discussion of Old and New Testament Scriptures. Atonement's Statement of Welcome and Affirmation was discussed.  We concluded with ideas for more opportunities for diversity and inclusion.  
In September the educational dialogue will continue with a six-week Adult Class.


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