Spiritual Life Hour


2013 Fall Classes
Beginning September 8
Sunday Mornings, 9:45 a.m. 


?Crash Course on the Bible
From October 10 — January 23
This 8 session course will meet the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month from 7-8:30pm in Room 104. This impactful study is led by Eric Dollard. Contact Eric if you wish to participate or have questions. Course outline and specifics are at Crash Course on the Bible in 8 Sessions.
Luther and Lutheranism in the 21st Century in Charter Hall. This 5-week class will look at Luther in his historical context and ask about his relevance for life, faith, and mission today. It will be taught by Dr. Jim Brandt, an ELCA pastor and Professor of Historical Theology at Saint Paul School of Theology.
A CHURCH JUST LIKE OURS! {ALMOST!} - [The Letters to the Church at Corinth] - meets in Room 102. 
Of all the New Testament cities, the Roman city of CORINTH might well offer the most parallels with our Johnson County context...Urban...Mobile...Cosmopolitan...Economic Hub...Religiously Pluralistic...Sports Enthusiasts...Demographics...[Estimated 500,000 in Biblical/Roman Corinth, 559, 613 in Johnson County as of 2012]...The Apostle Paul's relationship with the Corinthian believers, as spiritual leader...mission developer...pastoral caretaker...was an up-and-down affair, to say the least...Internally contentious, many of the issues with which the congregation had to deal read like the lead stories of the 10 PM newscast. Contact John Gerry with any questions.

20's / 30's GROUP

A Study on the Apocrypha led by Julie Assel in Room 104. They will discuss what the Apocrypha  is, why is it included in some Bibles and not others and more.